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Remembering Meghan Boudreau

Meghan Boudreau, our sister, friend and passionate activist passed away on February 14th, 2020. Meghan was a part of the Iota class of our chapter and was beloved by so many, both within our sisterhood and Carleton University as a whole. Meghan’s passing has left our chapter bereaved, but inspired us to help Meghan’s memory live on by continuing to raise awareness about issues surrounding the fast fashion industry. In the wake of Meghan’s passing we are all reminded of the importance of mental health and it’s impact on our community. We hope to continue conversations surrounding mental health as talking is the first, but big, step towards creating a change.


"Meghan was my Grand Big in APP, but throughout the years I got to know her she became so much more. From my first year to my last she inspired be, gave me honest and insightful advice, and most of all was someone I could look to no matter what. She cared feircly for the ones she loved, never held back, was the best cheerleader, and was the first person to pick you up when you fell. Wherever she went, Meg made it an adventure that we could laugh about together for years to come. She was so many things to so many people and is missed every single day. I’ll hold the memories we have together close to my heart for the rest of my life, and will never stop trying to be the person that she saw in me. 

Love you Meg."

Morgan Leet 


“I’ll never forget the day that I found out Meghan was gone. The day I got the worst call of my life.  I remember what day it was, where I was, what I was wearing, who I was with and how it felt. Especially how I felt the days following that call.  But you know, I choose to focus on the day we met instead. She complimented my outfit, which I had taken so long to choose. I couldn’t believe that not only this beautiful girl told me she likes it, but also that she actually wanted to hangout with me. That day, when we met, is the one I chose to celebrate. I will miss Meg everyday now but I will never forget all of the amazing days we had before that. I miss them. I miss her. I will never forget her, and will be forever grateful for her gifting me those days. I love you Meg."

Amélie Eldaoud 



"2020 showed us the importance of community and taking action to make a difference. 


Meg was passionate about raising awareness and being conscious consumers. She wanted to help people learn and grow and be a positive force in the world. 


30 Day Vintage aimed to get people to be more mindful about their consumption habits and get us to put thought into who we support when we spent our money. 


She was fighting to change the working conditions of garment workers around the world. 


Support small. 

Support local. 

F*ck fast fashion."

Britney Burlone


In honour of Meghan's continued efforts to fight the fast fashion industry, please visit the donation link to our philanthropy for Labour Behind the Label

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