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Our organization works to foster the confidence in young women to aid in the development of their leadership skills. Through developed leadership, our organization offers opportunities to broaden social networks while maintaining a strong presence within the Carleton community.

Within our organization, there are endless leadership roles and opportunities for members through various committees, chair positions, and the Executive Council. The sisters of Alpha Pi Phi are collectively powerful and we use our abilities to organize, lead and empower.

Academic Excellence

Within our organization, we place a strong emphasis on striving for academic excellence. We have multiple members on the Dean’s List, and our sisters constantly work to maintain high academic standing and achieve their goals. Through the help of our Academics Chair, support is always there for a sister in need. Mandatory study hours are set up each month where notes are shared, textbooks are passed down, and sisters in the same program are able to work together to study for upcoming midterms or exams!

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