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Taylor in Puerto Plata

Hey everyone!

My name is Taylor Williams and I’m a psychology major in my third year. Last semester a group of sisters and I went to Puerto Plata in the Domincan Republic for 7 days. There were 16 sisters who went on the trip that our sister, Ali Piwowar, had been organizing since the summer so that we could have an amazing time.There was someone there from every initiated class as well as a founding mother. There were not a lot of other young people at our resort so the fun aspect kind of depended on us. The lack of other people our age ended up facilitating more time for sisterhoods and the participation in activities as a huge group. Our time was amazing there, so many hilarious memories to look back on and so many experiences to bond over.We played on the beach almost everyday despite the unsafe water conditions… but all got beautifully tanned and avoided burns for the most part. We lived every single day there to the fullest. Even the stuff that most people would complain about seemed laughable and hilarious. Because we were always together, we got the chance to get to know each other on different levels compared to home where everyone has their own busy schedules.When our plane felt like it was crashing during some of the scariest turbulence ever, we were all holding hands together. It was an amazing experience and I’m so happy that I was able to go and be with my sisters.

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