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Because I Am A Girl – International Day of the Gi

October 11th has been declared by the United Nations as International Day of the Girl! Today we celebrated the achievements of girls around the world.

Through a worldwide social media campaign, we took part in raising awareness for girls rights. Surprisingly, even in the year 2013, girls remain less likely than boys to receive an education and in some countries, fewer than 1 in 5 girls will make it to secondary school. We believe that when you invest in girls on a big enough scale, and make sure their voices are heard and their rights are met, entire societies can be transformed!

That is why on October 11th our sisters took part in a social media awareness campaign in honour of International Day of the Girl. We tweeted about girls rights, used hashtags such as #InternationalDayoftheGirl2013, #GirlRights, #BecauseIAmAGirl. We instagramed photos from the Because I Am A Girl – International Day of the Girl website campaign, changed our profile pictures and cover photos, posted statuses on girls rights, and took photos wearing pink and raising our hand to stand up for girls rights worldwide. In addition to the social media campaign, our sisters also panhandelled on campus to raise money for the Because I Am A Girl foundation’s global initiatives for girls rights.

To conclude the day long social media awareness campaign, we were thrilled to announce that we have sponsored a little girl from the Because I Am A Girl foundation! In honour of International Day of the Girl, Alpha Pi Phi has sponsored 5 year old Nasreen Hasan Yousif Mohamed from Sudan! We are so happy to be able to help Nasreen go to school, get healthcare, and have access to clean and sanitary drinking water. Lots of Phi love going out to Nasreen from all of our sisters.

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