October is marked as National Breast Cancer Awareness month, and in light of this month Alpha Pi Phi has put on a two-day long Bra Pong philanthropy! This philanthropy puts a charitable twist on the game Beer Pong where instead of the staple red cups we had bra to get the ping pong balls in. Each game was played by donation and contestants happily took part in a game of Bra Pong before and after heading to class. The prize was baked goods! Alongside our Bra Pong game station we had a Think Pink bake sale where the theme was – you guessed it – PINK! With the help of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, we were given pink ribbons, pins, pink teddy bears, information brochures, and awareness pamphlets to hand out in order to help raise awareness for the cause.

Our sisters and AMPP’s (Active Members in their Pledging Period) came out in numbers to support the cause. Our trending hashtag for this lovely philanthropy was #HelpSaveSecondBase. Quite clever don’t you think?

A huge thanks to all those who donated and supported the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, our event would not have been as successful without your help!

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