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National Executive Board

Recently Alpha Pi Phi established a National Executive Board, a governing body to overlook all our chapters across Canada. We contacted Alpha Chapter alumni, Ali Piwowar and President of the N.E.B. to hear what she has to say about APP's growing success!" The founding of Alpha Pi Phi’s National Executive Board is a tribute to the hard work and success of all our sisters in all of our chapters. The need for a governing body to oversee our challenges and accomplishments proves the Alpha Pi Phi is growing strong and rapidly. As one of the fastest growing sororities in Canada, the new National Executive Board will be able to establish and organize our expanding network. It will ensure our sororities standards are upheld and promote our image of Love, Loyalty, and Friendship. The board will also be in charge of planning the annual Alpha Pi Phi conference at which time sisters from all chapters are encouraged to come together to discuss ideas to improve our sisterhood." The N.E.B. consists of elected alumni from each of our chapters thus far.

The seven elected officers are as follows:

  • National President and Keeper of the Ritual (1st Officer): Alixandra Piwowar (Alpha Chapter)

  • National Treasurer (2nd Officer): Alison Kwan (Gamma Chapter)

  • National Secretary (3rd Officer): Joanna Hayward (Gamma Chapter)

  • National Vice President of Sorority Development and Expansion (4th Officer): Olivia Clement (Alpha Chapter)

  • National Vice President of Chapter Standards and Risk Management (5th Officer): Stephanie Gelati (Beta Chapter)

  • National Vice President of Alumna Relations (6th Officer): Vanessa Harrison (Alpha Chapter)

  • National Vice President of Public Relations and External Affairs (7th Officer): Rebecca Crichton (Alpha Chapter)

"It is truly amazing to see how much we have grown as an organization since our founding in 2009. Thank you to all Alpha Pi Phi sisters for your encouragement and support. Together we can accomplish anything." It is a matter of fact that Alpha Pi Phi has a glowing future!

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