Greek Olympics 2014

Each year the fraternities and sororities of Ottawa host the annual Greek Olympics, a weekend full of social events, sporting games and fun! Organizations embrace the spirit of friendly competition in sports such as volley-ball and soccer, as well as strategy games including video games and poker with the goal of earning that trophy at the end of the weekend marked "Champions."

The weekend is starts off with a bottle drive, with earnings going towards a charity/philanthrophy selected each year. This year, as a community, we raised $18,000!! Way to go everyone!!

As for us APP's, we had great participation from alumni, actives and even our new members! We are so proud of everyone for their efforts and placing in the following events:

  • 3rd Bottle Drive

  • 2nd Air Bands

  • 1st Dodgeball

  • 3rd Quarters

  • 2nd Poker

  • 3rd Video Games