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Paige in Amsterdam

Hello Everyone! This is my official second blog post for November! It is definitely fun keeping you all up to date with my adventures abroad! This past week I had of I was able to travel to Barcelona, Milan, and Amsterdam! It was so cool being in 3 different countries within a week and being able to enjoy the different cultures. My favourite place is by far Amsterdam because it is so beautiful and I got to complete a goal on my bucket list, which was visiting the Anne Frank house!!! I also enjoyed sitting on the bench from The Fault in our Stars, touring a cat rescue boat, and trying the local food. All amazing places to see and for sure worth going to if you can. I want to mention though that my favourite memory was actually making a new friend when I was in Amsterdam. Not only is travelling great to see the world, but I think it is even better for meeting new people. Alpha Pi Phi has helped me grow as a person to be more outgoing and take chances! It came in handy when I decided to make a travel buddy for the day. I am so blessed to have these experiences and I have all my sisters to thank for the support I am still receiving all the time while abroad.

Until next month :)

- Paige, xo Theta Class


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