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Nana's Surprise Party

When you join an organization, you always become extremely close to specific individuals; usually your big, littles, as well as girls in your pledge class, probably some classmates, roommates, and girls that your bond with over really weird things. That's what Natasha Myles is to me: my gamma soulmate, sister, roomie, and overall one of the best friends I could have ever asked for. When I found out she was leaving Ottawa and wouldn't be around the corner from me like she had been for the past 5 years, I was devastated.

When Nana joined APP, she set a precedent for herself to be extremely involved and influential in moulding Alpha Pi Phi into what it is today. Starting as being extremely active in both internal and external relations whilst an active sister, holding various positions, including President (and doing a kick a$$ job at it) and then maintained involvement as an alumni. Nana has always been a face of Alpha Pi Phi in Ottawa, and been an amazing sister to girls of all ages, in all classes.

That's why I knew that when she was leaving, we had to do something to show her how much she is loved and appreciated. I coordinated a surprise going away party for her at my house, and invited all alumni sisters, sisters who knew her as an active, her family line, and anyone that i knew she bonded with over really weird things.

As per usual, she was late. I made "plans" with her to go for Pho and drink wine, which are usual activities so that she wouldn't expect anything suspicious. Instead of showing up to my place at 8pm, she strolled in around 9pm...And she was SO SURPRISED, she cried. She walked up the stairs, chatting while coming up, and decked out in sweatpants, hair tied, chillin' with no makeup on (that's when you're the prettiest, I hope that you don't take the wrong). About 25 sisters came by for the surprise and throughout the night to bid adieu: it was a great demonstration of sisterhood!

Nana - you bleed black and purple and radiate Love, Loyalty and Friendship in all aspects of your life. Alpha chapter (especially me) love you tons and miss you already.

Come back? Phi love xo

- Becky (Gamma Class)

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