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Our sisters Andrea Dark and Lindsay Redmond once said that if you could sit at an airport with someone and not want to kill them, that's how you know their a true friend. This theory was put to the test on the way back home from our trip to Varadero Cuba for spring break. Seven sisters which included; Clarissa, Kate, Reagan, Meaghan, Hailey, Erin, and myself Shannon M, were stuck at the Varadero airport February 21st for 17 hours. After a unreal week shared with brothers from Ksig and TKE, that was planned and organized by Reagan, we were due to take off at 10:15 pm Saturday February 21st. However after a series of unfortunate events trying to find guy at the hotel with key to the room with our luggages, finding the right line for checkin at the airport and it taking 2 hours to get through costumes, we came to find out our flight would now be delayed to 1:15 am. However, at 2:00 am, still not having boarded the plane a man working at the airport informed us that our flight was now cancelled. Alarmed with this news and not being given anymore information we regrouped as a team to stay calm. Not until 4:00 am were we given information that our flight would now be at 10:50 am February 22nd and that we would be spending the night at the airport. They also let us know that we would be supplied 2 meals until our departure time. Both these meals were ham and cheese sandwiches. We kept ourselves occupied by trying to sleep on the seats of the airport, playing card games, as well as sing-alongs. Our flight did not leave until 12:15 pm, February 22nd. However once we landed we all agreed that this experience would be something none of us would forget. Being stranded in a foreign country brought us all closers as sisters as we had no one but each other to relay on in a moment of crisis. - Shannon McGirr, Theta

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