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For the past several years, business schools across Canada have participated in 5 Days for the Homeless, supporting shelters that focus on helping youth in their respective neighbourhoods. Since the Sprott School of Business has participated, Operation Come Home has been the charity of choice.

Last year two of our sisters, Charlotte Burrows (Theta) and Jamie Downs (Kappa) participated, raising $10,000. This year, the two of them teamed up to do it again, except this year, they exceeded their goal and raised $11,400!!

Charlotte mentioned that "participating in 5 Days for the second time this past year, I found to be extremely difficult. Last year, it was really cold out with snow flurries but we were able to warm up easily with a hot chocolate or stepping inside for a few moments. But this year, it was really rainy out so we would be standing in the rain for hours on end, getting soaked. Since we didn't have the resources to dry our stuff, other than the hand dryers in the bathroom, our stuff stayed wet the whole week long."

Although it is a challenging week for the girls both Charlotte and Jamie agree that the experience is a humbling one.

“ The amount of amazing people you meet during the week who either share their very personal experiences with homelessness or show their moral support really drives you to keep going” says Jamie.

We are so incredibly proud of these two girls for stepping outside their comfort zone and participating in a cause they strongly believe in. The girls exceeded what was expected of each of them, and when the going got tough, they kept pushing through! Charlotte and Jamie demonstrated leadership, empathy and compassion throughout the whole week and nothing got in their way!

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