We Are Thankful For...

The sisters of Alpha Pi Phi would like to thank all of our family, friends, and loved ones, who encourage and support us throughout the year.

This year, we are especially thankful for...

Our Sisters and Friends

"I am thankful for the wonderful pledge class that I was blessed with just one semester ago. I am thankful for such a dynamic group of girls who are not only but my best friends, but are my sisters. I would not be the person that I am today without the love and support that they provide me and for that, I am thankful to call them my home away from home." - Brigette Aguilar

"I am thankful for the friendship that I have with Kendra. Most people think that the big is the mentor, but Kendra has taught me more than she will ever know as my little." - Carly Crawford

"I'm thankful for impromptu sister dates with my girls." - Charlotte Burrows

"I am thankful for my big and the support she gives me when I am down." - Jennie Rankin

"I am thankful to have such amazing group of friends, who I know will have my back and support me not matter what." - Maria Alejandra Gomez

" I am thankful for my family tree." - Reagan Bradley

"I am thankful for my best friend and soulmate." - Samantha Stephen

"I'm thankful for my best friend. She always knows the right things to say, can make me laugh uncontrollably, and has the kindest heart." - Rielly Riggs

"I'm thankful for my best friends." - Reagan Bradley

Our Family's and Loved Ones

"I'm thankful for the rare but memorable moments when the whole family is together." - Charlotte Burrows

"I am thankful to have such beautiful grandparents that have thought me so much!" - Maria Alejandra Gomez

"I am thankful for the unconditional love that I recieve from my mom. She is my best friend, my biggest fan, and the woman that I'll always share smiles with no matter the circumstance." - Carly Crawford

"I am thankful to have such a smart, levelheaded and determined man by my side - Maria Alejandra Gomez

The Places We Call Home

"I am thankful for the ability to explore new horizons." - Hailey Climenhage

" I am thankful to live in the most beautiful place, Canada." - Carly Crawford

"I'm thankful to call Newfoundland, the most beautiful place in the world, my home." - Rielly Riggs

"I am so incredibly grateful to have grown up a ten-minute-drive away from the beach. Though the Atlantic Ocean is notoriously frigid and cold, it has raised me with such warmth in my heart. There is no place I feel safer or happier than at the beach, when my toes are curled in the sand and the steady rhythm of the waves plays like a soundtrack to my visit. When I was a little girl, I would spend hours building sandcastles, collecting shells, and frolicking in the water. The canteen hasn't changed one bit since I was little, and a Moon Mist ice cream cone was always the best treat to have along the boardwalk. I'll never forget the day I dropped my ice cream, and though it was covered in sand, my dad decided to finish it. We still razz him for that. And though Rissers Beach is where I grew up, there is no limit to the beautiful beaches at my fingertips here. From Queensland to Cherry Hill to Carters and everywhere in between, I can never thank my parents enough for raising me on the South Shore of Nova Scotia. The laid-back ease of life, and the familiar smell of salty air, will forever be the comforts of my home." - Alexis Ferrier

The Opportunities We Have Been Given

"I'm thankful for the opportunity to pursue new leadership opportunities." - Reagan Bradley

"I'm thankful for my health and ability to run with my sister." - Charlotte Burrows

"I took this photo when I was in Morocco in May when we visited a family living in the middle of the Sahara desert. They lived in shacks, slept on the floor, the children didn't have toys, and had limited food supply, they pretty much ate bread and dried meat.I am thankful for the little things in life that are often taken for granted that these children have never gotten to experience. To be able to sleep on a mattress, to go swimming, to stuff my face with chocolate, to go to school, and all the unlimited opportunities I have" - Samantha Stephen

Happy Thanksgiving From Our Families To Yours!!

With love, Alpha Pi Phi

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