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1. We are just as (if not more) excited to meet you, so try not to be nervous

2. If you recognize girls around campus, in the library, or in class, don't be shy and come say hi!

3. Come to as many events as you can in order to get to know sisters, but also make an effort to get to know other rush as well. Making friends will make the experience more fun and less intimidating

4. Take opportunities to get to know sisters one-on-one. Message a girl or two and meet up for coffee or to hangout

5. Don't be afraid to come alone to events

6. Talk about yourself as much as you can! It's the only way for us to get to know how cool and unique you are

7. Be yourself!

8. If you get bored of small talk you can tell us stories, talk about your hometown, or your family. Think about why you are interesting because you are!

9. Don't be afraid to ask questions about the rush process, sorority terms, or Greek life in general

10. Check out the website beforehand to get to know the sorority, and learn sisters names

11. You can't knock it until you try it. Don't think it's for you? Come to one meet and greet and at least try it out. The atmosphere in the room is welcoming and melts your worries away

12. Come alone because then you will be forced to meet new people. Or, if you come with a friend don't cling to that person. Branch out and get to know as many sisters as you can

13. If you miss the first event (or a few events), you can still rush. You don't need to attend every single event

We can't wait to meet all of you!

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