What Sisterhood Means to Pi Class

There are only a few weeks left of the Winter semester, and the Pi class has been reflecting on their year in Alpha Pi Phi and what it taught them about sisterhood. Here is what sisterhood means to the Pi Class:

"What sisterhood means to me is being surrounded by a group of girls that constantly push you to be your best and empower you. They're always there to have your back and make you laugh until it hurts"

- Jasmine Blackett

“To me sisterhood is having a group of empowering women to pick you up every time you fall and are a constant support system in your life. People always ask me why I love being in a sorority and it is because I can truly say I gained not only over 70 amazing friends but 70 girls that I can call my sisters”

- Molly Burke

"Sisterhood to me is not only a group of girlfriends to enjoy spending time with, but a unit of strong women that empower one another to become our best selves. Sisterhood is about helping and encouraging everyone we interact with together, not just those within our organization. The type of sisterly love that is given and received is the most pure form of friendship. Every word spoken, or action acted is always in the best interest of those affected. Our goal as a Sisterhood is to lift each other up and to prevent anyone from falling down. The best feeling is to look to my side and know that no matter which one of my sisters is standing beside me they’ll always have my back."

- Mikayla Nicole Cassack

"Sisterhood is a support system that constantly encourages you to be the best version of yourself"

- Paige Cooper

"Sisterhood to me means knowing that I’ll always have a group of girls that I can count on for constant support and love. There is always someone I can go to for advice or even just to talk to if I’m having a bad day."

- Vanessa DeMeester Guloy

"Sisterhood means finding girls who will be your best friends no matter how close or far you are from each other"

- Hannah Gartland