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A Message From The President:

Georgia Murray

Alpha Chapter President. 

Phi Class

Hello and welcome to our website!


My name is Georgia, and I am the President of Alpha Pi Phi’s Alpha Chapter!


Upon arriving at Carleton in my first year, I could have never imagined what was in store for me. I would have never considered rushing a sorority until I found Alpha Pi Phi. This organization has built my confidence, developed my leadership skills, and taught me to speak up for what I believe in. Most importantly, Alpha Pi Phi has introduced me to some of the strongest, most intelligent women I have ever met, whom I am incredibly proud to call my support system and best friends. A sisterhood fostered by love, loyalty and friendship that gave me a home away from home at Carleton.  


We all came to Carleton University to earn our degrees and gain top-tier education, but university gives us much more than academics. This is a significant time in our lives for growth, development, and finding out who we want to be. Having a sisterhood backing you every step of the way makes every win taste sweeter, and every loss feel a little less sour. I am beyond grateful for everything this organization has and continues to give me. 


Please take the time to explore our website to get a small glance of what becoming a sister of Alpha Pi Phi looks like! Please don’t hesitate to reach out because we would love to get to know you!


Phi Love, 

Georgia Murray



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