Alpha Pi Phi Sorority welcomes a new generation of incredible women to its sisterhood twice a year during the fall and winter semesters. At the beginning of these semesters, Alpha Pi Phi holds a recruitment period, otherwise known as rush, full of amazing events in which sisters and potential new members can get to know each other.  Events such as meet and greets, socials, mixers with other organizations, and information sessions.  If you're interested in joining our sisterhood, you're in luck! We're having a rush period this coming September. If you want to attend, please join our Facebook group!

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Rho Class

I have become more out going and confident because of APP and I can’t imagine my life without this organization and the friendships I have developed. Can’t wait to meet you all this Fall, let’s get this bread ! "


Omicron Class

Greek life helps to create so many different networking opportunities and ways to give back to the community, there is NEVER a dull moment.

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Pi Class

There is an immense feeling of love and support shared between all of us that is truly unique. I've made so many new friendships that I probably wouldn't have made if it wasn't for APP. It has taught me how to be a leader and to push myself to be my very best version. 

What Sisters Had To Say