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Happy Founder's Day!

Today is the day we celebrate our 3rd full year as a functional sorority organization! Thanks go out to our Founding Mothers, Lesley Walker, Lauren Crosby, Heather McBride, Jessica Doyle, Laura Kell and Paz Arias for becoming the cause of 60 sister’s bliss (and counting).

As an organization, we recognize the strength displayed by each of them as they struggled to make themselves known to the unwelcoming greek community in 2009. The creation of a new sorority on any university campus is far from easy, and far from encouraging, yet their perseverance demonstrated qualities of love, loyalty and friendship. Even when love seemed overshadowed by hate, loyalty seemed mocked by other organizations, and friendship seemed doubted, our Founding Mother’s determination conquered all other opinions.

Our first Greek Olympics showed the community that we were not going to stand in the shadows. The Alpha class added strength in numbers as well an undeniable hilarity and sense of humour to be carried through each line and eventually embodied by classes to come. Beta’s joined in the winter and reinforced our passion for justice and equality in the community, fighting for fairness while having the time of their lives. Fall 2010 brought the Gamma’s who’s everlasting bonds of sisterhood with each other extended to the rest of Alpha Pi Phi, reminding each sister of how important sisterly love can be. Delta’s came through at the beginning of 2011 in a melting pot of meek, mellow and matchless yet still completely united, recognizing that diversity is what allows us to handle every opposite aspect of this chapter by virtue of our individual skills. Epsilon class, our largest class, proved to embody the quality of charity, reminding us of the importance of philanthropy and giving back to the community, strengthening relationships within as well as outside of Alpha Pi Phi. Our soon to be initiated Zeta class continues to prove that sisterhood is worth fighting for, and that no matter what, our sisters will always be there for each other.

Never giving up, the 2012 Alpha Pi Phi is proud to be recognized as large contributors not only towards the Ottawa and St. Catherines Greek communities, but also towards the city regarding our many philanthropic aids.

To those on executive council who have taken guidelines and advice from our mothers, thank you for excelling in the management and coordination of our Ottawa chapter. To the founders and executive council of our Beta chapter, we thank you also for instilling the same values of love, loyalty and friendship in the hearts of so many new sisters even that far away! Thank you for recognizing that Alpha Pi Phi is a support system which girls from all across the world who learn in Canada deserve to experience.

The Alpha chapter alone has grown from six to sixty in three years, and is constantly flowing with more and more spectacular young women each year! Thank you to those who begun this, thank you to those who maintain this, and thank you to those who plan on continuing the traditions of Alpha Pi Phi.



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