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Formal. The one excuse in the year to dress like a complete diva/princess and get away with it. We had girls in long dresses, short dresses, suits, 7-ich heels, flat jewelled sandals, and as my date referred to us, all dressed up looking like “a bunch of tens.” The night started off around 7pm at Centurion Hall with cocktail hour and the serving of hors d’oeuvres. We mingled with each other and our dates, all the while taking in the beauty of everyone in attendance. Each male and female in that building was looking fine.

At 8 o’clock appetizers were served as well as a dinner of steak, chicken or salmon, and we enjoyed the satisfaction of eating delicious food in great company. A beautiful speech was made by our president, Rebecca Reeds, as well as a few short words from each award winner. Congratulations are in order to: Anastasia Toussaint, for winning the Sisterhood award, Keila Paul for winning the Philanthropy award, Korin Marrisett for winning the Academic award, Perri Vassos for winning the Phi Pride award, Natasha Myles for winning the Pearl award, and Clarissa Chambers for winning the Cygnet award! 6 prestigious honours to be awarded with and they went well deserved. We also awarded appreciation to Vincent Ladouceur for his contributions to Alpha Pi Phi as our Sweetheart 2011-2012 and presented our new Sweetheart, Alex Fazal with the title and a gift. Thank you gentlemen for shaping our sorority into what it is today!

Around dessert time the epic slideshow made by Reeds went up and was enjoyed despite minor audio difficulty. The rest of the night was ours to party away, our heels were kicked off, and many were a sight to see on the dance floor. Significant crump battles occurred.

We hope every guest enjoyed their night with the sisters of Alpha Pi Phi, and may these memories stay with you until next year!


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