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Mr. and Mrs. Greek Universe Pageant

Of all the notably pleasant perks that come with being greek, it is argued that the best one is perhaps the fact that there is always something amusing to attend or participate in. Interspersed between all the mixers and philanthropies and study hours and pub nights and birthday parties, there lies the random all-greek event where members from a number of different organizations can participate in at the same time (see Greek Olympics). This week, Nu Sig’s hosted the annual Mr. & Ms. Greek Universe Pageant which tested creativity, skill and intelligence in each contestant. With thirteen sorority and fraternity organization representatives contributing, the event made for a hilarious Thursday night.

Our sister Angelita Aboukassam strutted in a purple toga and hand crafted ABC dress, performed a glow dance, and answered the question: “If you could re-live your life as a man or a woman which would you choose, and why?” flawlessly. Congrats on placing 3rd babe! And congrats to Sigma Chi and Kappa Sigma fraternities for tying in 1st.


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