Well what can I say…Finland has so far been absolutely amazing! What a great place to spend the next two years! Studying my Masters of Architecture Degree at a technical university in Tampere has its advantages for sure…70% of the school is male. But with that in mind it makes me miss my sisters even more than ever! Thank god for technology, keeping in touch with them is so much easier! With weekly Skype dates to my little I am always in the know! I have had some visitors while I have been abroad, and have also done some travelling!


When I first arrived it was crazy, 24 hours, but I made it thanks to my tutor Annu! She picked me up at the bus stop and helped me carry about 100 pounds of luggage to my apartment!

Throughout the first week she toured all of us international architectural degree students around Tampere and helped us figure everything out!

Not only did we tour the city, but we partied hard and rocked all the dance floors. We tried some head banging to Finnish metal music and some booty poppin’ to some great dance tunes!